Patient Info

Summit Medical Group at Deane Hill and Northshore are currently accepting new patients


To best serve all of our patients, we have two Knoxville locations. Patients are seen by appointment. You may schedule an appointment by calling (865) 584-5762. Should you need to cancel, we ask that you do so within 24 hours of your scheduled visit.

Both locations accept walk-ins. 


Each of our physicians has a dedicated nurse line for questions, medication refills, and other inquiries.

Dr. Bessom (865) 330-1087
Dr. Chesney (865) 330-1084
Ashely Currier, FNP-C (865) 370-2508
Dr. Dee (865) 330-1093
Dr. Edwards (865) 824-0478
Allison Fawver, FNP-C (865) 370-2446
Dr. French (865) 330-1095
Dr. Ford (865) 330-1094
Courtney Garrett, FNP-C (865) 330-1096
Jenny Glenn, FNP-C (865) 330-1098
Jenny Glenn, FNP-C (865) 330-1098
Marielle Gouffon, FNP-C (865) 330-1070
Dr. Huff (865) 330-1078
Bryan Kerr, PA (865) 330-1083
Brenden Kyek, FNP-C (865) 338-3406
Dr. Lett (865) 824-0475
Ashley Rhyne, FNP-C (865) 330-1086
Christina Shuey (865) 824-0487
Dr. Smeltzer (865) 330-1089
Dr. Thoma (865) 824-5108
Dr. Trevino (865) 824-0486
Dr. Williams (865) 330-1091
Dr. Wood (865) 330-1088


If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency medical facility.

In addition to our extended office hours, we have a physician on call to cover the after-hours needs of our patients. The on call physician may be reached after 8 pm or on weekends by calling (865) 470-0447. It is not the policy of our physicians to prescribe new medications or pain medications over the phone.

Both of our clinics are open from 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Our Deane Hill location is open Saturday 8:30 AM to 2 PM.
Walk-ins are welcome.  

Medication Refills

If refills are needed, please always have your prescriptions refilled when you see your provider.  Physicians on call will not refill routine medications or call in any prescriptions for controlled substances [narcotics] or antibiotics.  If a new prescription is required or new symptoms, a visit to the office will be necessary.  Due to the high volume of calls that we receive, your physician has a direct line for you to leave refill requests.  We will return your call as soon as possible.


Our office will facilitate a referral to another physician if needed.

To speak to the referral nurse, please call (865) 330-1079

Please allow 72 hours to obtain the referral (unless it is an emergency). Your primary care physician must have seen you for the illness or condition before a referral can be given.

Hospital Admission

If you are admitted to the hospital, we will coordinate with the inpatient physicians who are uniquely trained to meet the needs of hospitalized patients. We aim to make the transition into and out of the hospital as seamless as possible.

Billing Information

For questions regarding billing and payment options, please call our BIlling Department at (865) 212-3618 or visit our billing and insurance page here.